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The moustache café only lives off food service .
Card payment from 10€ One drink minimum each, thanks.

  • Home made iced tea of the moment (40cl) 5,50€

(on the daily menu)  

  • Home made smoothie of the moment (40cl) 6,50€

(on the daily menu)  

  • Home made milk-shake (40cl) 6,50cl

(with whipped cream and sugar pearl)  

You can choose your taste :  

vanilla, strawberry or chocolate spread.  

Vegan and bio drink optionnal : +0,5€  


  • Fruit juice BIO « La Reinnette » : orange or apple (25cl) 5€
  • Water « Celtic » sparkling or still Craft (50cl) 6€
  • Limonade « Elixia » BIO (33cl) 5,50€

Optionnal syrup « Bigallet »BIO : strawberry/blackberry, lemon, mint or peach + 0,30€


  • Limonade of the moment (on the daily menu) 6€
  • Glass of soda : Coca, Coca Zero, Perrier (33cl) 4,50€



Alcohol only with food  


« La Grisette » BIO : white or blonde (25cl) 6€


Beer of the moment  

(on the daily menu) 6€


Alcohol only with food  


Red wine Faugère « Eudemis » BIO

6€ (16cl) – 25€ (75cl)

White wine Chardonnay « La Marouette » BIO  

6€ (16cl) – 25€ (75cl)

Rosé « La Marouette » BIO  

6€ (16cl) – 25€ (75cl)


  • Home made Chaï Latté (25cl) 5,50€
  • Espresso, Macchiato, Americano, Decaffeinated 3€
  • Double espresso 5€
  • Cappuccino (25cl) 6€
  • Hot chocolate, Moka, Coffee with milk, Hot milk (25cl) 5€
  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream (25cl) 6,50€
  • Coffee with hot milk and whipped cream (25cl)  6,50€

Vegan and bio drink optionnal : +0,50€ 

Yummy drinks (25cl) 6,50€

(Hot drink with syrup, whipped cream and a little piece of cake)  


  • Harrison’s Treat : Hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup, whipped cream and pieces of brownie


  • Freak of Napo :  Hot chocolate with caramel syrup, whipped cream and pieces of cookie


  • Aldo’s temptation :  Hot coffee with hot milk, caramel syrup, whipped cream and pieces of cookie


  • Arold’s wish : Hot Moka with caramel syrup, whipped cream and pieces of brownie


  • Soft Kalheesi : Home made Chaï with speculoos syrup, whipped cream and pieces of speculoos

Vegan and bio drink optionnal : +0,5€


BLACK TEAS (40cl) 5€

  • Strong Breakfast : Ceylan tea, Darjeeling and Assam
  • Walking into the wood : tea with cherry aroma, currant, rasberry, wild strawberry, cassis and blueberry.
  • Violet : flowery tea with violet aroma

GREEN TEAS (40cl) 5€

  • China Power : antioxidant green tea, flowery and tonic
  • Yellow Lemon : Sencha of China, lemongrass green tea, with some subtle essentials oils of green lemon and soft lemon.  
  • Cathedral’s tea : green tea with some aroma of cherry, honey and citrus  
  • Oriental : green tea with aromas of passion fruit, wild strawberry, peach and with flowers petals

HERBAL TEAS (40cl) 5,50€

  • Rooibos Vanilla : Rooibos with subtil aroma of vanilla  
  • Bali herbal tea : herbal tea with verbena and rose. Some parfum from litchi, grapefruit and peach.
  • Mint herbal tea : mixed fresh mint with subtils wooded notes, with licorine’s sweet. 


(with sides : fried potatoes, lettuce and assorted raw vegetables) You can’t change the composition of the dish.

  • The Croque Minou slice 12€

Leavened bread with butter, chicken and emmental/mozzarella cheese.


  •  The Croque Minette slice 12,50€

Leavened bread with butter, chicken, emmental/mozzarella cheese and fried egg.


  • The Chat-voyarde slice 12,50€

Leavened bread, piece of chopped bacon, Reblochon cheese, caramelized onions and

emmental/mozzarella cheese.


  • Salty crumble VEGAN 12,50€

Vegetables with curry, coco milk and salty crumble. It’s completely vegan !


Some others dishes are on the daily menu.



From 12am till 2.30pm except the week-end and banking days.

Lunch (from Wednesday to Friday) (from 12am to 2.30pm)


16€ or 18€


Meal of your choice (on the menu or on the slate)




Homemade dessert / Brownie gluten free / Sweety crumble VEGAN

Dessert of the day (on the slate. Out ice cream, the Café Gourmand and waffles)


  • Homemade Crumble. VEGAN 6,50€

So crispy ! So fruity ! So Yummy !

  • Choco-chat 7€

Gluten free. A brownie with black chocolate and entire hazelnuts.

  • Homemade Matou Waffle 7€

With sweet whipped cream.

You can choose your coulis : caramel or hazelnut chocolate or black chocolate or red fruits

(real fruits) or honey or icing sugar.

With ice cream : +1,50€


  • Daily dessert on the slate.


Gourmand drinks

  • The Gourmand 10€

A coffee or a tea (+1€) with 3 sweets of the moment.

  • The Maxi Gourmand 12,50€

A big hot drink (Chai Latte, café crème, hot chocolate, double coffee or moka) with 3 sweets

of the moment.


Ice cream

All our ice cream are traditionally-made.

No modification, thank you.


  • The Chat Poté ice cream 8,50€

Mango, vanilla and rasberry with cookie, sweet whipped cream and red fruits coulis.

  • Felix the cat ice cream 8,50€

Vanilla, salt caramal and chocolate spread.

Home made brownie, gluten free with sweet whipped cream and caramel coulis.

  • Garfield ice cream 8,50€

Rasberry, vanilla and chocolate spread

Home made brownie, gluten free, sweet whipped cream and black chocolate coulis.


Ours ice cream : Spread chocolate / Vanilla / Salt caramel

Ours sorbets : Mango / Rasberry

1 scoop of ice cream : 4€ 2 scoops : 5,50€ 3 scoops : 7€

With sweet chopped cream : 1,50€

Ea nam legere mentitum prodesset

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"Petit à petit les chats deviennent l’âme de la maison"

Jean Cocteau


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